Noah's Ark
Ways to Help

Thank you for your interest in helping us serve God and the poor! You can support our Mission in numerous ways. On this page you will find four of the main areas that have been identified as ways people can help.

1. Sponsorship

There are thousands of children who are waiting for a sponsor! Please, answer their prayers today and decide to support a Zambian orphan. Contact us at sponsorship@stlukesmissionhospital.org for more info.

2. Item donations

Noah’s Ark

Children’s books in English, colouring books, tape, pencils, crayons, erasers, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, school supplies, paper clips, staples, staplers, scissors, craft supplies, Post-It notes, educational posters, puzzles, simple games, backpacks, blocks, jump ropes, balls, balloons, chalk, toys, maps, musical instruments, globes and flashcards.


Adult-size disposable diapers, bed linens, blankets, unscented lotion, books in English (children and adult), puzzles, simple games, toys, crayons, blocks and musical instruments.


Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine pads, blankets, seeds (carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers), newborn clothes, cloth diapers, plastic baby bottles and nipples, children’s clothes and shoes.

The above items can be mailed to:

St. Luke’s Mission Hospital
P. O. Box 32789 Lusaka
Central Africa

Please, mark the packages as “Charity” and include a note inside the box as to how your donation should be distributed (i.e. Mission, Noah’s Ark or Hospice). If you are including gifts for particular children, please include the child’s full name and file number in the note inside the package, not on the outside.

If you have items that are not listed above or would like to share an idea with us, please email us at greenlight@stlukesmissionhospital.org before sending anything.

3. Monetary donations

These can be made to the Mission to support our work in Mpanshya or to specific projects. The projects we are currently raising money for are: “Diesel”, “Medicines”, “Nutrition Programme”, “Chicken for the Hospital” and “Hospice”. If you are interested in making a monetary donation to help us accomplish our objectives, please email us at info@stlukesmissionhospital.org for more information.

4. Volunteering

We gladly welcome volunteers from all over the world to our Mission. Please, contact us at info@stlukesmissionhospital.org at least 6 months before your estimated time of arrival for details.


A sincere “Thank you” for every donation and for your support!
God Bless You!



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