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Ways to Help

A sponsorship programme, called "Adoption of the Heart” was established in 2002 to assist children who were orphaned as a result of the HIV crisis. Although it was initially focused on families of the Hospice patients, the programme soon registered nearly 800 orphans and vulnerable children.  Sponsors were found in European countries in order to provide financial assistance for school fees, school uniforms, and other basic necessities.

As we go on we see that the number of orphans and vulnerable children is increasing drastically. Many more children are in need of immediate assistance. Due to the lack of orphanages in the area orphans are mostly in the extended families, scattered in the vast area, in places not accessible by car or reachable on foot only in dry season. Some of them don’t go to school due to negligence of their guardians, some are abused and without support. In many cases grandparents are the only caregivers and due to their age and often poor health they are not able to provide for their grandchildren. These children get a chance to go to school and their grandparents get financial help thanks to the sponsorship donations.

The AIDS epidemic in Zambia is among the worst in the world. With a population of 10 million, 25% are known to be HIV positive and 1 million children are orphans, giving Zambia the highest per capita orphan rate in the world. Under the twin pressures of poverty and disease, many extended families (which traditionally care for vulnerable children in Zambia) are breaking down, so the need of new sponsors is great. If you are interested in supporting a Zambian orphan, please contact us at sponsorship@stlukesmissionhospital.org.



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