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Chicken for the Hospital

This is an entirely new project created to support the whole Mission. We hope you will find it as exciting and promising as we do. We are asking for a warm welcome and support of this wonderful idea. A while ago Sister Josefa created an area for 250 egg-laying chickens and started looking for a Sponsor to make her dream come true. Last month it finally happened and  the chickens should be getting to the Mission in September but the whole of Mpanshya is already celebrating. Schools are signing up for eggs and Sister Josefa is spending her evenings deliberating on how this project could help the whole area.

The chickens will be self-sufficient. One half of the eggs will be sold and the money will be used for buying their food and the other half will enrich the deficient diet of the Hospital and Hospice patients as well as the children from the Nutrition Centre. One chicken costs about $12 (factoring in the transport from Lusaka). If people open their hearts to this project and more money is donated for this purpose, Sister Josefa will make room for more chickens. 250 chickens from the Sponsor is a good start, but how many chickens will be clucking in Mpanshya depends on the response of the potential supporters. Thank you for every chicken bought for the Hospital!



Henry's Project

Henry was a frequent patient of the Hospice. Terminal illness left him very weak, extremely thin and dependent on others. Despite his illness he was always very kind, loving and humble. When he was at the Hospice, he liked doing puzzles. Henry’s journey on this world ended on July 15, 2010.


In memory of Henry we are creating a project that will benefit all Hospice patients in the future. We ask for donations of puzzles, simple board games, books and toys for the Hospice. Please, make sure you mark the box accordingly. All items marked either “Henry’s Project” or “Hospice” will be truly appreciated by those whose journey here might be nearing the end. On their behalf a big “Thank you!”.

"Moms 4 Moms" Project

There are on average 50 pregnant women giving birth to their babies in our hospital every month. Some of them have to walk for a few days to get here. Giving birth in a hospital is still not that popular and many women choose to stay in their villages, which often endangers either them or the newborns. So a while back we started preparing little gifts for the new moms to take home with them when they are released. They get some baby clothes, cloth diapers, soap, baby powder and a baby blanket if available. We would love to be able to also add a package of pads for the moms. Many new moms get severe infections as the homemade "pads" they bring with them are not sterile. Unfortunately providing a pack of pads for every new mom is not within our budget. We know that many of our supporters are moms themselves, so the idea of "Moms 4 Moms" project was born to meet the growing need for pads. Who else knows better what it means to have a clean pad during those difficult days post delivery than a mom? So here we are asking all the moms who already support us to help us spread the word of this particular need and project. Let's create a beautiful bond between moms from Zambia and moms from all over the World! One package of overnight pads may seem not that significant to most, but it means a lot to a new mom who can avoid a painful infection thanks to your kindness and empathy. She can concentrate on recovery and caring for her baby instead. On behalf of Zambian moms a big "Thank You" for every box of pads that you decide to donate. Our address can be found in the contact tab.



Green Light Project

Many people have approached us asking how to help the Mission. Some of them had great ideas and all they needed was a green light to make things happen. On other occasions sometimes we received items that we could not utilize here. There is a great deal of information on how to help on this website. Please, make sure to check our “Objectives”, “Ways to Help” and “Projects” sections before you contact us. If you have unwanted items that you would like to donate but you are not sure if the Mission could use them or if you would like to share an idea with us, please email us at greenlight@stlukesmissionshospital.org. We will be reviewing these inquiries on a monthly basis, so please be patient and do not submit them twice. Your thoughtful gifts and donations are truly appreciated!


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