Noah's Ark
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Noah's Ark as an idea was born in 2007. The need for a cultural and educational place for children big and small had become overwhelmingly apparent over the years. A seemingly unattainable dream of a safe place where children could come and play, have fun with their piers, get advice and feel at home started to become a concrete vision once the blueprints of a U-shaped building were created and gifted to the Mission by Mr. Marek Cyl from Poland. That is when true fundraising started so that the idea we all saw on paper could become a reality one day. A few dedicated supporters of the Mission quickly spread the word and donations started coming in, mainly from our wonderful family of orphans' sponsors. After two years a larger donation from the Czech Embassy in Harare was received and the cement factory in Chilanga gifted 100 bags of cement. We were finally ready to seriously start the construction of the building. While the building itself was being built, we incorporated the Nutrition Programme into the Noah's Ark idea. Three hut-like structures without walls began serving as dining areas for the 100 enrolled children that the Programme feeds every day. They were also utilized in various other manners, from serving as arts and crafts centres for the children to hosting our traditional Christmas and Easter parties. Soon a playground was added with a slide and swing set and Noah's Ark started attracting more and more local children who knew they could always come here and have fun. In May of 2010, when 2/3 of the building was completed, 90 preschoolers and kindergarteners officially started attending classes at Noah's Ark. Even though it took a little bit longer, we were overjoyed and extremely happy that so much had been accomplished in so short a time. The building is our real pride. It is colourful, child-friendly and vibrant so that the youngsters can feel special and inspired. We hope to raise a new generation of Zambians who will have appreciation for learning, curiosity of the world and science and love of reading.

The U-shaped building has two administrative offices (one for our sponsorship programme "Adoption of the Heart" and one for Caritas Prague operations), two classrooms and a reading room. We have been lucky to receive a lot of our educational supplies from our sponsor parents but the needs always exceed the donations. To ensure that Noah's Ark is a true success story we have to make sure we will be in a position to keep opening our doors to new children year after year. Please, consider supporting our wonderful Ark! You can truly make a difference! Please, check Ways to Help and Objectives tabs and see Noah's Ark in our Gallery. Thank you very much for your support. God Bless You!



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