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Mission Statement:

“Hospice as a Shelter: A Shelter for the damaged and endangered dignity of man. A shelter on the way to eternity that many people have lost sight of.” - Marie Therese Linssen

Mother Marie Therese Linssen Hospice commonly known as Mpanshya Hospice started its existence in March 2001 as a division of St. Luke’s Mission Hospital, Mpanshya.  Hospice provides Palliative Care services mainly to people with HIV and AIDS related illnesses and those with other life-limiting conditions, e.g. cancer.

Hospice can accommodate 16 patients (both adults and children) and offers family rooms. The Hospice staff is treating patients with the palliative holistic approach taking care of physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs while involving family in the care plan. The Hospice patients stay in a friendly and home-like environment and are provided with art, music and play area for the children.

The staff consists of 1 hospice nurse (volunteer), 9 caregivers (volunteers), and assistance from the hospital nurses and paramedics.  Mpanshya Hospice is a member of PCAZ (Palliative Care Association of Zambia) and is one of the 13 hospices across Zambia.



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