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Dear Friends!

Let me take this opportunity and thank each and everyone of you for opening your hearts and responding to our needs and the needs of your sponsored children. We are sincerely grateful for all the packages we receive. Every time we distribute your gifts, we see the children’s faces light up. Knowing that someone cares about them is the highlight of their lives. Thank you, or “Zikomo” on their behalf.

From now on you will be able to find out whether or not your package has arrived in this Gratitude Corner. We will be listing new packages on top. This list includes only packages mailed from outside of Poland. For packages originated in Poland, please visit www.adopcjaserca.pl.

God Bless You!
Sister Josefa

Packages that came in 2012:

  • Lucie T. - USA
  • Bernadeta M. - USA x 6
  • Lucie T. - USA
  • Belvedere Charity - USA x 13
  • Ireneus M. - Dorsten, Germany
  • Karen Z. - Canada x 2
  • Pia H.-Sannenmese, Switzerland x 2
  • Bernadeta M., Beth F., USA x 7 (including knitted socks for Group Sponsorship)
  • Jack and Karen Z.-Canada x 2
  • Thomas W.-England (solar lamp)
  • Anastasia L.-Dubai for Annedy P.
  • Susan B.-Canada

Packages that came in 2011:

  • Bernadeta M., Beth F. and Friends, USA x 12
  • Jaqui P., Bernadeta M. and Friends, USA x 5
  • Beth F. and Bernadeta M., USA x1
  • Rene  H. – Berlin, Germany
  • Pia  H. – Switzerland
  • Gabi  T. - Switzerland
  • Marlena G. – United Kingdom
  • Barbara F. – Erdweg, Germany
  • Jack and Karen Z. – Canada x 2
  • C. Lavoile – Canada
  • Family Zoll – Switzerland
  • P. Hauswirth – Switzerland
  • Anita Von S.-Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Ruedi -Gstaad, Switzerland
  • Bernadeta M., Beth F.-USA x 4
  • Bernadeta M., Jaqui P.-USA
  • Bernadeta M.-USA for Annedy and Maureen P., Alice and Aliness L. and Valeria Ch.
  • Beth F.-USA for Martha M.
  • Nicolett and Lionel F.-Canada
  • The Walasek Family-Uckfield
  • Esther B.-USA for Rachel B.
  • Barbara M-L.-Switzerland for Ireen M.
  • Hanspeter P.-Switzerland for Ruth N.
  • M. and H. Willi-Switzerland for Monica Ch.
  • Peter and Ruth H.-Switzerland for Esther Z.

Packages that came in 2010:

  • Bernadeta M., Beth F., Ginger and Barbara G. -Manchester, USA x 4 and a barrel (including gifts for Martha M., Lewiza D., Valeria Ch., Annedy and Maureen P., Aliness and Alice L.)
  • Christine and Willi B.-Laufen, Switzerland  for  Rosemary P.
  • Ruedi and Magi K.-Grund b. Gstaad, Switzerland for James M.
  • Bernadeta M.-Manchester, USA x 4
  • Bernadeta M.-Manchester, USA for Annedy and Maureen P., Aliness and Alice L., Christopher T., Elina and Catherine M.
  • Bernadeta M. and Beth K.-Manchester, USA
  • Karin S.-Einigen, Switzerland for Francis M.
  • Esther  B.-Abingdon, USA for Rachel S.
  • Arina K.-Gstaad, Switzerland  for Charles L.
  • Bernadeta M.-Manchester, CT, USA
  • Aldo & Marianne  K.-Gstaad, Switzerland for Moses T.



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