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April 28th, 2012

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Mpanshya Mission,

I am writing to you today to ask for prayers and support for our new clinic that is being created in the Chapita Diocese, about 120 km away from Mpanshya.

Our Congregation has positively responded to Bishop George Lungu’s request to create a new outpost in Chamilala in the Luangwa Valley to address and remedy  the extremely difficult situation the local population of that area faces.

Currently we visit Chamilala twice a month with our Mobile Clinic. Local people have been very helpful and have already made a few thousand bricks for our new buildings. Their dream is to have a Clinic, where the sick can be treated, pregnancies can be monitored and babies can be born in a safe environment. In Chamilala, despite it being the 21st century, those things are still unattainable.

We have been asked to help in the fight against disease and death. This new outpost will have strong ties to Mpanshya as St. Luke’s  Mission Hospital will be responsible for the OBGYN and Emergency Departments in Chamilala. Our Nursing School students will have their apprenticeships there as well.

In January we are hoping to start building the Clinic and the Convent in Chamilala. A huge “Zikomo” to those who will support our efforts through prayers and monetary donations.

Monetary donations for medical supplies can be made directly to Action Medeor in Germany. Here are the bank details:

Sparkasse Krefeld (bank)
8010001 (account)
320 500 00 (code number for the bank)
IBAN: DE44 3205 0000 0008 0100 01

It is very important to mention the ref. number “2-37-0084

Monetary donations for construction of the new outpost can be made to our Congregation in Poland with the title: “Chamilala Mission”.

Zgromadzenie Sióstr Miłosierdzia św. Karola Boromeusza
ul. Okrzei 27
43-190 MIKOŁÓW
21 1240 1330 1787 0010 2967 4731
IBAN: PL21 1240 1330 1787 0010 2967 4731

I am attaching a Letter of Recommendation from Bishop Lungu as well as a Summary of the Impact the new Clinic will have.

Thank you for all your prayers and donations.

God Bless you!

Kind regards,
Yours in Christ,
S.M. Josefa Slaba

Dear Sir/Madam

Ref: Recommendation letter for Chamilala Clinic project

I write to strongly recommend the above mentioned project which will serve to save life currently being lost unnecessarily. Geographically, Chamilala is situated in the Luangwa valley area. This means that it is a place which is lagging behind in terms of developmental initiatives that have been carried out by both government and the church. Whatever reasons we may advance to justify this scenario, the issue in question is the denial of people's basic human rights; the right to health, education, decent shelter etc. We as a church therefore would like to change this situation for the better by spearheading Chamilala clinic project even long before thinking of building structures for our work of evangelization. Health first!

The population of Chamilala area is living in scattered homesteads. And as I have already said, disadvantaged due to lack of sufficient infrastructure, big distances to hospitals and district headquarters and harsh tropical climate. The planned mission of health centre shall focus mainly on improved security for mother and child in the field of obstetrical care, on emergency care and on preventive measures for children and pregnant women. The centre will provide the necessary emergency medical care and will secure adequate care with the means of communication and referral facilities.

Unfortunately the Ministry of Health is not able to render all the services which are needed but it will support fully the Chamilala project during construction and guarantees the running of the health centre with monthly grants and provision of staff in future. A Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed to that effect. With this project the Church answers to a strong and long standing request of the local population with its traditional leaders to improve the desperate health situation in the region.

It is with this in mind that I strongly recommend this project and hoping that you will give it a favourable consideration.

Respectfully yours

Bishop George Cosmas Zumaire Lungu

Bishop of Chipata.


In order to clearly understand the impact this project will have on the local community as well as users of the Great East Road, one must first understand and appreciate some of the reasons for the neglect of this area in terms of human as well as spiritual developmental initiatives.  It is very easy to castigate government as well as the churches for neglecting our brothers and sisters living in this area. Yet the truth of the matter is that both governments and churches have made several attempts to try and help our brethren.  I need not go into historical details and examples to support this claim. The Catholic Church for example has made very serious efforts in addressing the plight of these our dear ones. St. Luke’s Hospital is a good example, which is  over a hundred kilometers from Chamilala. The closest hospital is Nyimba which is over 70 kilometers away. 

The challenges both government and church found with this region include the following:

  1. This region is thinly populated. He households are scattered over a big area making the provision of any services extremely difficult.
  2. The climate is terribly harsh and of extremes. In summer it is one of the hottest regions in the country while in winter it can be very cold.
  3. Due to rugged terrain and mountainous landscape, building of infrastructure is a near to impossible venture. This also means that it is rather very difficult to move from place to place. You require special means of transport ( a four wheel drive with a winch) to barely manage reach some places.
  4. Traditional practices which are unhelpful. E.g  early marriages.

With this situation, civil servants perceive as disciplinary action to find themselves working in and around this region. In other words, those people who work in this region really and honestly offer their lives as a special sacrifice for the sake of our brethren.

With the new Patriotic government in power and listening to the President’s inaugural speech in Parliament last year, there is a glimmer of hope.  He promised more funds for the Ministry of Health. His government wants to build about 600 health posts country wide to bring healthy services as close to the people as possible. We would like to take advantage of this new thinking for the sake of our brethren in the Luangwa Valley area with specific focus on Chamilala

Because of winding roads and poor road signs  traffic accidents are the order of the day. On record we have had a number of big bus accidents losing so many lives and many people sustaining serious injuries in one single accident. Some of these people could have been saved had we a facility to provide emergency services. Therefore Chamil ala will strategically be well situated to address this situation of need. Other victims that may need urgent help come as a result of accident resulting from animal attacks and snake bites.

Early marriages is another cultural element which is a life threatening especially if you consider all the risks that go with it. A health centre like Chamilala shall be a Centre for the empowerment of people especially the women folk in terms of knowledge for better health management. We will consequently have reduced cased of young mothers dying in childbirth or babies dying in similar circumstances. Precious life will be saved.

In our African culture, funerals demands quite a lot. Due to cultural demands, a lot is spent in terms of food, time and money. The reduced funeral occurrences imply also that people will have the possibility of investing their time, food and money in more productive ventures for the benefit of the living.

A healthy mind in a healthy body!  Educational institutions will now make sense to these people because their children will be healthy and able to attend school without frequent interruption due to prolonged sickness. It also means that we will have more children attending school. This will then bring about the possible of having civil servants coming from this region. 

With a health facility close by, guaranteed good health, people can perform better in their economic activities. When we have improved economic productivity,  people’s living standards will also go up. Ultimately the region will consequently attract investment in building infrastructure and  bringing very much needed  social services in the area..

Therefore the great impact that this facility will bring about cannot be doubted and it is my singular opinion that whatever is going to be invested in this project is worth the sacrifice.


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